Inventory Pets Wiki

The Sheep Pet is one of the most basic kinds of pets that could be easily found and crafted.


The Sheep Pet's effects are mostly passive, seeing as it gives you wool. It is also a bit defensive since it give the player Slow Fall.

  • Effect 1 - Slow Fall
    • The Sheep Pet's ability to make the player fall slower is already an advantage; It obviously prevents you from taking any fall damage, even if you fall from a high place.
  • Effect 2 - Gives you Wool
    • The Sheep Pet also gives you wool time to time, which is useful for those who actually need wool. This also makes it easier to get wool, as with the Sheep Pet, you no longer need to shear or kill sheep, if you actually have the patience to wait for it to give you wool.

Crafting Recipe


To craft a Sheep Pet, the player needs to have 6 wool, wheat, a piece of diamond and a gold ingot.

Crafting it is fairly easy (sans the diamond and the gold), unlike the other rare pets which require more complex items to craft.

Other Info


  • Even though it gives the player slow fall, if the player does jump in a straight line, it would still seem that the player is falling without it. However, when the player lands, the player will take no damage whatsoever.